Community Futures Development Corporation of Revelstoke
2004 – Designed and implemented a comprehensive intercept survey to measure tourist interests in cultural tourism products. More than 1,300 tourists will complete a 10 minute interview. This study will be completed in October of 2004.

Great Vancouver Regional District Parks
2003/04 – Conducted a comprehensive feasibility study for two new eco-attractions for Greater Vancouver Regional District’s consideration. This study involved a global review of emerging eco-tourism products and a closer look at several products in Australia.

Canyonjet Safaris
2003/04 – Conducted market research and implemented a strategic marketing plan for a new jet boat business in the Canadian Rockies. This new soft adventure business opened in June of 2004. MTC continues to provide ongoing marketing and sales support.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains
2003 – Developed and implemented tour escort notes for tour operators providing travel programs in the southwest corner of British Columbia. The escort notes are posted online for easy access and quick updating.